1. Fill in the blanks:

     a. All parts of our body are answer to each other.

     b. We write with our answer.

     c. We move from one place to another with answer.

     d. We eat with our answer.

     e. Answer protect our bones and muscles.

2. Answer the following questions:

      a. What are called sense organs?

      Answer: The organs which help us perform very vital works like seeing, hearing,                            tasting, feeling etc.

      b. What is the function of mouth?

      Answer: Mouth helps us in eating and speaking.

     c. What is the function of tongue?

     Answer: Tongue helps us to taste.

     d. What is the function of skin?

     Answer: Skin protects our bones and muscles.

     e. What is the function of nose?

     Answer: Nose helps us to smell.

3. Tick the correct and cross the wrong answers:

     a. We use our nose to eat.

     b. We use our ears to listen.

     c. We use our eyes to smell.

     d. we have only two sense organs.

     e. We must keep our nails clean.

     a. False   b. True   c. False   d. False   e. True

4. Match the following:

      a. Listen music                                               Ears

      b. Kick the ball                                                Nose

      c. Eat something                                            Skin

      d. Protect bones                                             Feet

      e. Smell                                                            Mouth

      a. Ears   b. Feet   c. Mouth   d. Skin   e. Nose

5. Write any 5 good habits.

Answer: To keep our body fit and clean, we must follow these good habits:

             a. Get us early in the morning.

             b. Do regular exercise.

             c. Take bath everyday and clean all the body parts properly.

            d. Keep our nails short and clean.

            e. Wash our hands before and after taking meals.


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