What were the main features of the Maratha administration?


The main features of the Maratha administration are given below:

  • There was an efficient team of officers to ran the administration under the Maratha king.
  • The main source of the state income was taxes like chauth and sardeshmukhi.
  • Chauth was one fourth of the land revenue. It was collected in return of the protection provided to the territories which were not under the direct control of the king.
  • Sardeshmukhi was an additional tax of ten per cent which Shivaji demanded as he was the Chief (Head) of Maharashtra.
  • There were 280 forts in Shivaji’s possession. A Havaldar controlled each fort and the surrounding territory.
  • The army was also divided into different grades. Shivaji’s army was well-known for Guerilla Warfare which suited the mountainous region.