Compare the conditions of the Adivasis of India during pre and post-independence era.


The conditions of the Adivasis of India during pre-independence era:

The forests in which the Adivasis lived were taken away from them in the name of development during the British period. As a result, they became landless and homeless. Many protests and revolts occurred during colonial era against the exploitation. But they were quickly suppressed by the British in a merciless manner to discourage any future revolts.

The conditions of the Adivasis of India during post-independence era:

Even in the post-independence era, Adivasi groups faced discrimination at the hands of the government, the industrialists and many other powerful forces. The forests in which they lived were cleared gradually for timber, agriculture, mining projects or for wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, etc. This has resulted in problems, such as poverty, illiteracy, indebtedness, bondage, exploitation, disease and unemployment, etc., among the tribals.