Classify Directive Principles of State Policy into four main categories. Explain each of them briefly.


Directive Principles of State Policy have been grouped into four main categories they are:

  1. Economic principles
  2. Social principles
  3. Gandhian principles
  4. Principles related to international peace and security.


(a) Economic Principles

  • To secure equal pay for equal work for both men and women.
  • To provide adequate means of livelihood for all.

(b) Social Principles

  • To make efforts to raise the standard of living and public health.
  • To guard children against exploitation and moral degradation.

(c) Gandhian Principles

  • To organise village Panchayats.
  • To promote cottage industries.

(d) Principles related to International Peace and Security

  • To maintain just and honourable relations between nations.
  • To promote international peace and security.