Explain any five major sources of information about Modern Indian History.


Five major sources of information about Modern Indian History are:

(i) British Documents: The British ruled over India for almost two hundred years. The records of reforms-Morley-Minto Reforms, Government of India Act, Reports of Simon Commission, etc. They tell us conditions of people as well as administration of that time.

(ii) Newspaper: London Times and vernacular papers (Bal Gangadhar Tilak’s Kesari in Marathi) are important sources of the history of modern period.

(iii) Internet or Databases: Digital South Asia Library and the British Library’s Oriental and Indian Office Collections provide us a lot of information

(iv) Books: Many books were written and printed during this period which are preserved in public private libraries. The poetry/ prose/ drama/ stories/ autobiographies/ biographies written in this duration.

(v) Old buildings and artifacts and people of that time: They tell us the tales of past. Many people who participated in the freedom struggle and saw the important changes, share their experiences which throw light on the life of the people and the conditions.