Describe any five revolts by the tribals against the British.


Five revolts by the tribals against the British are

  • The Khasis, who lived in the khasi hills of North-West Assam took place in 1829.
  • The Kukis of hilly regions of Manipur continued attacking the British territories from 1829.
  • The Khonds of Khondmals (near Orissa) revolted against the British in 1846 due to the fear of being annexed. But they could not stand before the might of Britishers.
  • The Santhals found themselves quite helpless against the exploitation of British in 1855 to 1856 under the leadership of Sidhu and Kanumurm.
  • Mundas of Chhota Nagpur, joined by kolarian tribe of same region, revolted in 1831. The struggle suppressed by the British forces.