Bhola’s field is ready with a mature wheat crop. List and explain the steps he would have to undertake before selling the grains to the FCI (Food Corporation of India).


Bhola will take following steps before selling the grains:

Step 1: Harvesting: Cutting and gathering of crops, after maturation, is known as harvesting.

Step 2: Threshing: After harvesting, grains are separated from the cut crop. This process is called threshing. This can be done manually or by a machine called thresher.

Step 3: Winnowing: After threshing, grains are separated from the chaff. This is known as winnowing.

Step 4: Storage: Grains are dried in sun to remove moisture. After that, grains are stored in granaries and silos which are designed to protect grains from rats and insects. This is done by Food Corporation of India (FCI).