Types of breeze.


  1. Sea Breeze: A sea breeze occurs when cooler air from over the sea moves towards the warmer land during the day. This happens because the land heats up faster than the sea.

  2. Land Breeze: A land breeze is the opposite of a sea breeze, occurring at night when cooler air from the land moves towards the warmer sea. This happens because the land cools down faster than the sea.

  3. Mountain Breeze: A mountain breeze occurs when cool air from the mountains flows downhill at night, replacing the warmer air in the valley.

  4. Valley Breeze: A valley breeze occurs during the day when warm air rises from the valley and is replaced by cooler air from the surrounding mountains.

  5. Monsoon Breeze: A monsoon breeze is a seasonal wind that brings heavy rains to a region. It occurs in areas where there is a significant difference in temperature between land and sea, causing the air to flow towards the land in summer and towards the sea in winter.