Causes of air pollution.


  1. Industrial Emissions: Factories and power plants release harmful chemicals and gases into the air, such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide.

  2. Transportation: Vehicles produce pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide that contribute to air pollution.

  3. Agricultural Activities: Livestock farming, use of pesticides, and fertilizers release pollutants such as ammonia and methane, which contribute to air pollution.

  4. Burning of Fossil Fuels: Burning of coal, oil, and gas releases pollutants like sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter that contribute significantly to air pollution.

  5. Residential and Commercial Activities: Burning fuels for heating and cooking, use of chemicals, and improper waste management contribute to air pollution.

  6. Natural Sources: Dust, wildfires, and volcanic eruptions also contribute to air pollution.

  7. Construction and Demolition: Dust and emissions from construction and demolition activities contribute to air pollution.

  8. Indoor Pollutants: Tobacco smoke, household chemicals, and poor ventilation can also cause air pollution indoors.