What are the different layers of the atmosphere?

Various layers of the atmosphere are:

  1. Troposphere: This is the lowest layer of the atmosphere where all weather occurs, and it extends from the Earth’s surface up to around 7-20 km in height. Temperature decreases with altitude in this layer.

  2. Stratosphere: This layer extends from the top of the troposphere up to around 50 km and contains the ozone layer which helps absorb harmful UV radiation. Temperature increases with altitude in this layer.

  3. Mesosphere: This layer extends from the top of the stratosphere up to around 85 km and is where meteors burn up as they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.Temperature decreases with altitude again in this layer.

  4. Thermosphere: This layer extends from the top of the mesosphere up to around 600 km and is where the auroras occur.Temperature increases with altitude once more.

  5. Exosphere: This is the outermost layer of the atmosphere and extends from around 600 km to thousands of kilometers above the Earth’s surface. It gradually fades into space and is where satellites orbit the Earth.This layer has a very low density of gas molecules.