What are the main characteristics of igneous rocks point wise in short


Here are the main characteristics of igneous rocks:

  1. Origin: Igneous rocks form from solidification and crystallization of molten magma or lava.

  2. Texture: Igneous rocks have a crystalline texture due to the slow cooling of magma beneath the Earth’s surface or rapid cooling of lava on the surface.

  3. Mineral Composition: The mineral composition of igneous rocks is determined by the chemical composition of the original magma or lava. Common minerals in igneous rocks include quartz, feldspar, mica, and pyroxene.

  4. Color: Igneous rocks can vary in color from light-colored rocks, such as granite, to dark-colored rocks, such as basalt.

  5. Density: Igneous rocks have a high density due to the compact nature of their crystal structure.

  6. Classification: Igneous rocks are classified based on their mineral composition, texture, and the cooling environment. Common types of igneous rocks include granite, basalt, andesite, and obsidian.

  7. Occurrence: Igneous rocks are found in many locations around the world and can be exposed at the Earth’s surface or buried deep beneath the surface.