Chapter 4

Importance of Plants



A. Fill in the blanks.
B. Match the following column:
C. Tick the correct option.

Answer: vacuole

Answer: a single cell

Answer: nuclear membrane

D. Answer the following questions in brief.

Answer: The (main) factors that determine the shape of a cell are location and function.

Answer: Distinguish between unicellular and multicellular organisms are

Unicellular organisms are made up of a single cell. e.g., Euglena and Amoeba.

Multicellular organisms are made up of many cells. e.g., Humans and Birds.

Answer: All organisms are made up of cells. A cell is capable of independent existence. Due to this, cell is called the structural and functional unit of life.

E. Answer the following questions.

Answer: three different cell types found in human beings are:

DAV Solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 1

These figures clearly show that liver cell is irregular in shape, fat cell is spherical and muscle cell is spindle-shaped. This shows that all cells in an organism do not have the same shape.

Answer: Chromosomes are formed in the nucleus during cell division. When the cell is ready to divide, the chromatin (in nucleus) condenses to form thicker, thread-like chromosomes. Chromosomes are responsible for inheritance of characters from one generation to the next generation.

Answer: When the cell membrane gets damaged, it exposes the cell’s contents to external environment. This results in stoppage of all functions of the cell, and eventually to cell death.

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